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14 Fascinating Blackseed Oil Benefits

blackseed oil benefits

Over the years, blackseed oil benefits have been taken advantage of as an effective remedies for many conditions, including acne, obesity, among others. The Blackseed oil is an essential oil produced from the seeds of Nigella Sativa, a plant with beautiful flowers, which is commonly seen in Southwest Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. Some religious groups even refer to the blackseed oil as being useful for all types of disease except death. The seeds of the plant are also referred to as black caraway oil, black cumin oil, and black onion seed oil in some part of the world. It is commonly used as a natural remedy in the management of high blood pressure and pain.

Treats Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a discomfort to bones and joints that may affect the internal organs in severe cases. This type of arthritis is characterized by severe pain and discomfort. Some researchers suggest that this is one of the major blackseed oil benefits which people are using it for. In one study, when some patients took blackseed oil, there was a noticeable reduction in swollen joints, and the pain felt by the patients were reported to have also decreased.

May Cure Cancer

Cancer can affect different parts of the body, including the brain, breast, uterus, to mention a few. Studies suggest that certain substances in blackseed oil may be able to stop the proliferation of abnormal cells. It is essential to know that these conclusions were drawn after experiments were carried on animals; thus, it cannot be confirmed if the blackseed oil will have a similar effect on cancerous cells in humans.

Enhances Liver And Kidney Functions

The liver and kidney are essential organs that work to keep the body in a healthy state. These organs need to be kept healthy so that their normal functions are not impaired as this can be detrimental to the health of an individual. The blackseed oil may be able to ensure that liver and kidney diseases are prevented so that the organs function at their best at all times.

Reduces Obesity

Obesity increases the risk of developing chronic health problems, one that can and should be prevented. The blackseed oil is effective in boosting metabolism so that fat is passively burned and may help resist the urge to eat unnecessarily. Some persons have found adding a small amount of blackseed oil benefits their appetite and makes them eat less.

Provides Relief from Respiratory Ailments

It is also interesting to know that blackseed oil can be used as a remedy for some respiratory infections in the body. It is believed that black seed oil can reduce the presence of nasal congestion or runny nose, and sneezing. It may also be able to manage asthma, bronchitis due to its anti-inflammatory properties effectively. In fact, one study showed that asthma management was impressive after using blackseed oil.

Blackseed Oil Benefits Diabetics

It is believed that blackseed oil contains antidiabetic abilities that make it valuable in regulating blood sugar level. The experiment was carried out on diabetic animals, and so there is no authentic scientific proof that shows that blackseed oil is an effective treatment for diabetic humans. There are also suggestions that blackseed oil may help improve the level of cholesterol in diabetic individuals.

May Reduce Infertility Rate

Infertility can result from several reasons, including an imbalance of hormones and even unhealthy weight. When a test was carried out on patients with infertility problems using blackseed oil, there was a noticeable improvement, and it was concluded that intake of the blackseed oil might be able to promote fertility by increasing sperm count in males.

Protects the Brain And Enhances Intelligence

Researchers agree that some chemical components of black seed oil protect the brain from harmful substances that invade the body system. It also ensures that the brain functions well. Its use has also been implicated in improvements in learning and memory.

Protects the Heart

The heart is a vital organ that must be kept in a healthy state at all time. Researchers say that the chemical constituents in the blackseed oil are a valuable remedy for heart diseases. It is also suggested that regular intake of the blackseed oil may be able to reduce the level of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) that increases the risk of heart disease. This is arguably one of the most important blackseed oil benefits and one you should keep in mind.

Provides Relief from Post Menstrual Syndrome

Premenstrual syndrome may be accompanied by pain, and this pain may easily be managed with the use of blackseed oil. Some suggest rubbing the oil on the affected part to get the best result. The anti-inflammatory properties of the blackseed oil may be responsible for the relief felt by women with premenstrual syndrome.

Provides Relief from Indigestion and Heartburn

Blackseed oil is also useful when it comes to relieving heartburn and indigestion. In one experiment, patients who had digestive problems were relieved after some days of taking a mixture of Blackseed and honey.

Promotes Healthy Skin

 Eczema and acne can leave the skin looking unattractive, but a natural way to maintain healthy looking skin is to make good use of the blackseed oil. Not only does this oil help soften the skin, but with the help of its antimicrobial properties, it can rid the skin of harmful microbes that cause skin diseases. Rubbing the blackseed oil on the affected part may be of great help. Another skin consition called psoriasis can also be treated with it, adding to the long list of blackseed oil benefits.

Maintains Healthy Hair

Hair loss often results from a lack of essential vitamins that promote hair growth. When diluted with a carrier oil, the blackseed oil can maintain healthy hair growth while treating a variety of scalp conditions that may affect hair growth. It can be applied when diluted and applied onto places with scanty hair growth to hydrate the hair and reap its numerous benefits. It is also vital for keeping the hair soft and maintaining the natural shine.

Prevents Infection

Packed with antibacterial properties, the blackseed oil is able to fight infections caused by bacteria. This oil is a natural alternative to chemically prepared antibiotics that may cause harm to the body. It is also able to promote faster healing for open wounds while preventing the wound from getting infected. The blackseed oil is best applied topically on open wounds to get the best results. Fungi can also cause infections both on the inside and outside of the body. The blackseed oil also has antifungal properties as such, it is able to kill fungi, preventing their multiplication inside the body.


There are many other blackseed oil benefits apart from those outlined above. Some persons have found that the blackseed oil is useful in promoting oral health, and in improving digestion. The blackseed oil can be applied topically, although some persons have experienced allergic reactions with topical application of this oil. It is best to talk with a doctor before adding the blackseed oil to a meal, especially if one is pregnant or taking certain drugs that the oil may interfere with in the long run. For example, there have also been reports of increased risk of bleeding for some individuals who have taken blackseed oil. Persons who take drugs that in one way or the other affects blood clotting, therefore, may avoid consuming the blackseed oil.

Combine it with the many other natural oils and products nature has provided for superior health.

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