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Millet Seeds Health Benefits: 5 Reasons To Get You Some

millet seeds health benefits

What? There are millet seeds health benefits? Stop acting so surprised! Yes, some millet seeds health benefits are bound to surprise you. After all, most people only know millet seeds as being used to feed birds, even though you can consume it too without issue. These tiny seeds come in assorted colors, often carrying a gray, red or yellow color.

To be precise, millet seeds actually encompass several different grains, some of which are not even actually “true” millet.

Wonder what some of the benefits you can expect from millet seeds consumption? Let’s check them out now.

Millet Seeds Health Benefits- Promotes Heart Health

It is generally a well-known fact that a diet high in grains, but more specifically whole grains, reduces an individual’s relative cardiovascular risk. As such, given that you consume millet seeds that are unhulled, you can expect a similar benefit.

For one, it is loaded with fiber and specialized compounds known as lignans which when consumed by animals is used for the nourishment of probiotic bacteria residing in our intestines.

But that’s not all. Millet seeds are also a rich source of potassium, a mineral that plays a key role in maintaining blood vessel flexibility and for them to dilate, and magnesium, which also has a role to play in blood pressure regulation and reducing your risk of heart attacks or stroke.

Quite impressive right?

Millet Seeds For Cholesterol Maintenance

Even though you can consider cholesterol regulation an aspect of heart health, it deserves a mention of its own. The high fiber content in millet seeds helps to promote the excretion of bile acids, substances involved in our digestive process.

But how exactly does excretion of bile acids help reduce cholesterol? Good question! It actually relates to the fact that cholesterol is used to manufacture this enzyme.

Under normal circumstances, bile acids are recycled so that the need for further cholesterol to help with synthesis is not there. By actively promoting the removal of bile acids from the body, there is no other option than to use cholesterol to produce more.

This in turn, reduces cholesterol levels and can help with maintenance when a healthy lifestyle and diet plan is followed.

Millet Seeds For Diabetes Management

Diabetes is a serious metabolic disorder affecting a significant number of working-age adults, especially past the age of 40. It is a major public health concern, causing countries a large amount of their total healthcare budget.

While prevention is the best course of action, realistically speaking most people wait until something bad happens to make a change. Luckily, healthy diet modifications can assist with blood glucose management even after the fact, allowing you to live a complication-free life.

As previously mentioned, millet seeds are loaded with fiber, which has the ability to blunt the speed at which glucose enters the blood. Thus, a smaller amount is absorbed at any one time.

In addition to this, the generous amounts of magnesium contained in millet seeds are also believed to help improve insulin sensitivity, so that blood glucose management is improved up to 30% in some cases.

Of course, millet seeds alone are not a magic pill and are unlikely to make a noticeable change unless you address lifestyle habits. Add this millet seeds health benefits to your list (hope you’re making notes!)

Millet Seeds For Digestion

Being classified as a grain, you can see how millet seeds help with digestion.

For one, they promote the health of your intestinal microbiome system, alleviating and preventing issues such as constipation, poor digestion, and even acid reflux to an extent.

Their fiber content helps promote speedy transit of waste material through the digestive tract, which in turn also decreases your relative risk of colon cancer development (as waste material which spends an extended amount of time in contact with healthy cells can potentially trigger carcinogenic changes).

Millet Seeds For Anemia

Anemia is a medical condition that arises as a result of low red blood cell counts are insufficient oxygenation of said cells. It can be due to a deficiency of dietary iron, but also the specific B vitamins as well as folic acid.

Millet seeds are not particularly great sources of dietary iron, but they do contain a decent amount of dietary folate. Folate is especially important to pregnant women in order to help ensure the growth of a healthy child.

Millet seeds – Summary

Now you’ve undoubtedly learned of the many millet seeds health benefits, I’m sure you’re raring to go. Heck, if you can’t wait maybe you should “sample” some of your birds feed! You’re bound to love it anyway.

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