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Miso Soup Benefits: 5 Reasons To Get Some Now!

miso soup benefits

What if someone told you that miso soup benefits are abundant? If you are like many people, chances are high that you have never consumed miso before. After reading some of its amazing benefits on your health, you will be eager to get your hands on some!

Miso Soup Benefits

Improves Digestion

There are tons of foods that can possibly improve the health of your digestive system, but not all of them can boast what Miso soup does. In particular, Miso soup is an abundant source of natural probiotics- the good bacteria that populate your digestive tract and ensure food is metabolized efficiently.

The probiotic culture found in Miso soup can help to reduce bloating, cramping and constipation,all of which may indicate some sort of abnormal process is underway. Other digestive conditions such as irritable bowel disease may also be alleviated by regularly consuming foods that are rich sources of probiotics.

Supports Weight Loss

Being a low calorie food by itself is a major bonus when attempting to lose weight, but Miso soup is so much more. Not only is it rich in fiber to keep hunger at bay for hours, but the aforementioned probiotics do play a role in helping to promote fat utilization.

Another compound found in Miso known as fucoxanthin also supports lipolysis and can reduce inflammation in abdominal fat cells so that there is a reduced density of adipocytes.

May Reduce Cancer Risk

Cancer is a behemoth of a disease with no real cure in sight, making it very important to take advantage of every bit of prevention we can muster. Miso soup is loaded with natural antioxidants such as coumaric and kojic acid which can decrease oxidative stress load on cells.

This, in turn, reduces the likelihood of cancerous mutations occurring to damaged cells.

Boosts Immune System Function

Our tiny underappreciated friends (we’re talking about you probiotics) do so much for us on a daily basis, even though we are unaware of them most of the time.

Did you know that a significant portion of the immune system resides in the gut? As you may have guessed, these probiotics are the first line of defense (besides the skin), especially when considering things we put in our mouth.

You probably missed a few cases of cholera or gastroenteritis thanks to these little folks, and ensuring you support healthy colony sizes and their nutrition will go a far way in helping keep you safe.

May Help Maintain Normal Blood Pressure

It is quite a shocker to find out that Miso soup may actually be able to reduce your blood pressure of reduce the likelihood of your developing hypertension, especially since the food is high in sodium. So what gives?

Researchers in Japan have revealed that it appears as if the sodium contained in miso behaves differently from sodium chloride, or table salt. It is believed that the prolonged fermentation process that miso goes through may have a role to play, though this is unclear at this time.

What is clear though is that a healthy diet combined with Miso soup will not increase your risk, so why not have some more?

Summary- Miso Soup Benefits

There are a slew of additional miso soup benefits that we have not elaborated on, but the fact of the matter is that fermented foods are truly nutritional and health powerhouses. Get yourself some more Miso today!

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