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Rooibos Tea Health Benefits: 5 Reasons To Make It Your Cuppa

Rooibos Tea Health Benefits

It seems like everywhere you turn these days you hear about rooibos tea health benefits, but the question that is also popping up is if this tea really lives up to the hype? You would be surprised to learn the answer, which in this case appears to be a definitive yes.

What Exactly Is Rooibos?

Rooibos is native to South Africa, and until recently was not very well-known. It is also naturally caffeine free, making it an excellent option for persons that may have stimulant sensitivities. It is actually not a true “tea” but rather considered as an herb.

It also contains as much as 50% more antioxidants when compared to green tea, and the best part of all? The taste.

While classic teas can be said to have an acquired flavor, Rooibos (also simply referred to as red tea) is naturally mildly sweet. Chances are you don’t even need to use additional sweeteners to make it more palatable, which by itself ups its health boosting potential (sugar isn’t as good as you might believe).

Wondering what are some of the wonderful benefits this unique tea can offer you? Let’s check out some of the most established rooibos tea health benefits you stand to benefit from:

1.Rooibos Herbal Tea To Lower Cholesterol

While green tea does a fair job of helping to modulate cholesterol values, Rooibos tea does a better job on this front. Studies have actually been done to verify these claims, with subjects who consumed the red tea over a period of 6 weeks experiencing reduction in LDL and triglyceride values, whilst simultaneously improving their HDL levels.

An ideal cholesterol profile is one which favors HDL cholesterol, this being known as the “good” aspect of your blood lipids.

2.Rooibos Tea For Weight Loss

While teas in general (green, black) can help with weight loss by slightly increasing your metabolic rate, or helping to facilitate fatty acid oxidation, you need to keep in mind that rooibos is not “true” tea. However, that’s not to take anything away from it, as it still helps with weight loss, albeit from a different angle.

Rooibos tea contains a natural compound named aspalathin, which suppresses cortisol.

People underestimate the role cortisol plays on weight gain, fostering fat storage, insulin resistance and decreased lipolysis.

Keeping cortisol under control contributes to weight loss optimization, and also less hormonal interference. Rooibos tea also shifts energy balance to favor the utilization of fat as opposed to active storage (by inhibiting fat cell development).

3.Rooibos Tea Health Benefits: Supports Bone Health

Rooibos tea is still rich in polyphenols even though it is not considered a true tea, and can help to support bone health.

For instance, bone, like all other cell types, are subjected to oxidative damage that can compromise their structural integrity and lead to leaching, osteoporosis or injuries.

Another one of the rooibos tea health benefits on bone relates to the increased recruitment of osteoblasts, which are the cells that promote bone synthesis.

4.May Reduce Allergenic Potential

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies or asthma? Collectively referred to as atopic disease, eczema also falls under this category.

People that are prone to experiencing the same are hypothesized to have developed an immune system defect during infancy, which led to subsequent impairment of normal immune system reactions. Thus, specific cells become hypersensitized to allergenic stimuli.

Interestingly, rooibos tea has been used traditionally in parts of South Africa to address these exact conditions, with its potency believed due to the presence of numerous phenolic compounds.

What’s to lose? Give the magical red tea a shot and see how it can benefit you.

5.May Help Control Blood Pressure

Rooibos tea can help to control blood pressure via more than one mechanism, one being previously alluded to as cortisol suppression. Another, more direct mechanism relates to inhibition of an enzyme known as angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE). This enzyme facilitates constriction of blood vessels, and in turn, increased pressure within vessels.

Rooibos, by inhibiting this enzyme, allow vessels to dilate and accommodate blood volume in an appropriate manner. Many of the most common anti-hypertensive medications available today take advantage of this very same mechanism to control blood pressure elevations.

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