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Rosemary Essential Oil: 10 Benefits and Uses

Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary is an evergreen perennial shrub that is found mainly in the Mediterranean and in Asia. It is popularly used as an ornamental plant because of its beauty as well as in flavoring food. This herb, however, possesses much more health benefits than others. Rosemary essential oil is extracted from the leaves of the Rosemary plant by process of steam distillation. In ancient Rome and Egypt, Rosemary was used as a sign of honor or worn as a love charm. Presently, Rosemary essential oil is added to perfumes because of its amazingly purifying scent.

Benefits and Uses

1.Enhances Memory

The memory enhancing the ability of the Rosemary essential oil has been acknowledged for a very long time. Inhaling the vapor of rosemary oil can improve cognitive function and can help individuals remain alert when performing different tasks. Improving memory is linked to improving the quality of life since having a good memory can help one perform better and maintain healthy relationships. By diffusing rosemary essential oil, the scent can stimulate the brain to perform better, and with continuous usage, improvement in memory may be noticed. Scientific studies suggest that rosemary contains certain compounds that stimulate the brain tissue to activity, improving its function.

2.May Kill Cancerous Cells

Cancer can affect different areas of the body and is increasingly affecting more persons. While there are different ways to treat cancer, the best approach may be to use naturally obtained essential oils that do not cause any side effects. Packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, rosemary essential oil may help kill off cancerous cells, preventing their proliferation. It may do this by triggering cancerous cells to die off and may be useful in treating symptoms of cancer. It may also help detoxify substances that cause cancer including free radicals that attack healthy cells and damage them.

3.Promotes Hair Growth

Hair fallout and baldness may cause low self-esteem and may result from infections or imbalance of hormones. Hair growth can be promoted or enhanced with the use of the rosemary essential oil especially in cases where hair loss is hormone related. Its antibacterial and antifungal activity is also crucial in promoting hair growth. If an infection causes hair loss, rosemary essential oil may help by eliminating the fungi or bacteria and thus leave the scalp healthy and refreshed. It may be mixed and applied to the scalp as a shampoo to reduce scalp itching and stimulate growth.

 4. Treats Pain

Headaches, joint pain, and even general body pain may be mild or severe. Pain and inflammation can be relieved by gentle massage of rosemary essential oil. This essential oil is also necessary for promoting faster healing process while treating pain. When applied topically, the rosemary oil quickly penetrates the skin, improving blood circulation to the affected area. Rosemary oil also has anti-inflammatory properties as such it may help ease the pain in sore muscles. In addition, it also promotes a relaxing atmosphere and can minimize pain intensity and duration when used. It may prove helpful in the treatment of arthritis eliminating free radicals that cause cellular damage.

5.Cleanses the Liver

The liver helps remove waste from the body and maintain a healthy body. Supporting the liver to carry out its functions can be achieved with essential oils. The rosemary essential oil can help detoxify the liver and tone the liver. It may also stimulate secretion of bile so that digestion and absorption are enhanced. When bile secretion is increased, excretion of bilirubin is stimulated, preventing liver damage due to excess bilirubin storage. For a thorough detoxification experience, the rosemary essential oil may be mixed with a carrier oils.

6.Reduces Stress

The calming scent of the rosemary essential oil helps relax the body and mind. Stress can affect thoughts and feelings and may be responsible for some health conditions especially those related to the heart. Reduction in symptoms of anxiety may be achieved when the scent of the oil is inhaled. Some studies have shown that use of this essential oil lowers the level of the stress hormone cortisol. By decreasing the secretion of this hormone, rosemary oil not only normalizes heart rate and blood pressure, but it may also be able to increase energy levels.

7.Promotes Healthy Skin

The Rosemary essential oil can improve blood circulation to the skin. Proper skin care is vital so that the skin continues its function as a barrier to infections. Use of the rosemary essential oil may help to even out skin tone, fade scars and blemishes and hydrate the skin. By massaging rosemary oil into the skin regularly, the formation and appearance of cellulite are reduced, and it may be able to prevent skin infections since it contains antioxidants. It is also useful for acne treatment and for tightening the skin, so the skin looks refreshed.

8.Provides Relief from Cough and Cold

Having a cough or a cold can impair daily activities and prevent one from getting a good night’s rest. Inhaling diluted rosemary oil can provide relief from congestion, enhancing or loosening secretions. To rid the body of excess mucus and prevent breathing difficulties, a few drops of rosemary oil may be added to a bowl of hot water and the oil infused steam inhaled. Mixing with a carrier oil and applying onto the chest area may also help decongest the chest and free the airways as does diffuse the oil.

9.Rosemary Essential Oil Boosts Immunity

Apart from helping to cleanse the liver through detoxification, the rosemary essential oil may also strengthen the immune system, so that it is better able to respond to and prevent infections from entering the body. With regular usage, this essential oil may be able to kill viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms that cause harm to body tissues. When combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle, the rosemary essential oil is good support for maintaining a healthy immune system. Packed with a good amount of antioxidants, rosemary oil is well equipped to fight infectious agents and help maintain health.

10.May Prevent Food Poisoning

The antiviral and antibacterial properties of the rosemary essential oil may enable it to fight and eliminate disease-causing pathogens. , and the result may be dehydration and loss of essential nutrients. When applied topically, this essential oil easily penetrates into the body and can reduce symptoms of fever and nausea. As it minimizes the effects of food poisoning, rosemary essential oil may rehydrate the body.


Rosemary essential oil has been recognized for its numerous health benefits and uses. It is recommended that only therapeutic grade and organic rosemary oil be purchased to enjoy the benefits of the oil to the full extent. It is also easy to use, and it can be applied topically with a carrier oil or inhaled. Before applying to the skin, it must be diluted as it may cause skin irritations. This essential oil is not suitable for ingestion since it may react with other medications and cause serious health problems. The rosemary essential oil blends well with sage, and lemongrass essential oils and can be used to make a customized blend to enhance its health benefits. It is always beneficial to check with a doctor before using any essential oil to ensure it is safe for use.

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